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Mobile Data Communication Terminal

Project Details

    Mobile Data Communication Terminal known as DCI (Data Communication Interface) is a GPS tracker, Data port and Cellular communicator.
The DCI is a smart communication device which tracks and directs the movement of multiple teams as they deal with tactical engagements and training exercises. DCI meets military standards and is ideal for missions of long duration and use in harsh environmental conditions.
DCI integrates following elements:
  • Training Software for Real-Time remote control of field personnel
  • Internal GPS receiver for position location
  • Internal Cellular module for packet data network communication
  • Data communication interfaces with external peripheral systems such as ESD, AFSD, DCU, MILES
  • Smart power management to minimize power consumption both in sleep and operating modes
The unit can be powered from battery pack or vehicle power, most of time the unit is in sleep mode. Low power consumption in sleep mode and operating mode is of great importance.

Software Development Details

  • DCI
Low-Level / Soft Real-Time
Development done in C and Assembler using MS Platform Builder IDE
Windows CE 4.2
Win32 API
MONice command line debugger, scripting
  • Auxiliary Applications
GUI Applications
Development done in C and C++ using MS Visual Studio IDE
Windows XP
Win32 API
Segger J-Link SDK

Hardware Details

System-On-Chip Sharp (NXP) LH7A400 (ARM922T)
NOR Flash Memory 8MB
Quad UART ST16C654
PCMCIA Mountain Rose Cellular Modem
LOGIC ZOOM Starter Development Kit
JTAG Segger J-Link ARM